Basic Yoga Props

Iyengar Yoga Honolulu (IYH) is a fully equipped Iyengar yoga school where many interesting and sophisticated props are used. However, for home practice we suggest you invest in some basic props. Here is a list to get you started. You may find good deals online. There are many other yoga props available online, but we suggest you get good quality props as suggested below.

We use this mat at the yoga center. You can often find good deals after searching online.


We make yoga
chairs to order



Belts come in various lengths. The 10′ belt is very useful for many things. You may also want to get shorter belts, but in the beginning this is the most versatile.



It’s best to get four blankets. The size you need is 51″ x 74″. Most blankets online are made from acrylic fibers and are not as good as the ones at IYH. However, they are good enough and not expensive.



We use 4″ blocks mostly
. We suggest getting four, however, you can get by with one if necessary. Cheaper blocks aren’t as good.



These bolsters are quite good and a decent deal if you have Amazon Prime.


Those of you who attend our classes at IYH are familiar with using Sirsasana sticks. Order here.