Class Recordings

Making these videos has been a learning curve for us! The recording quality of the earlier videos is a little rough but we think the later ones were an improvement.

Meet Shelley and Ray: Duration 1:39 (posted 3/15/20)

Basic Immune Support Class.This is a basic class which requires only a yoga mat and blocks. Suitable for all students. Do not practice inverted poses during menstruation. Duration:40:13 (posted 3/15/20).

Intermediate Immune Support Class. A wonderful class to strengthen and support the immune system against disease. Regular practice keeps the nerves calm and the mind and body rejuvenated. Props needed are mat, chair, blocks, blankets, belt, bolster (blankets may be substituted for a bolster if you don’t have one).

Basic Neck and Shoulder Relief Class. Simple asanas which release tension in the neck and shoulders. Mind, breath, senses and body come together to create equipoise. Highly recommended. Duration 1 hour (Posted 3/21/20)

Prevent and Relieve Back Pain #1. The first class in a series. A simple and effective class for students of all levels. Do not do this class if menstruating; instead do the Intermediate Immune Support Class. Duration 1 hour, 2 min. (Posted 3/26/20)

Balancing the Earth and Air Elements (short class) Duration 1 hr, 27 mins. (Posted 3/30/20)

Balancing the Earth and Air Elements (long class). Duration 1 hr, 47 mins and includes one extra asana. (Posted 3/30/20)

Shelley’s Basic Standing Pose Class. This standing pose class is designed by Shelley for students who attend her Basic 1 class on Sunday at 8am. Of course, we think it will be great for everyone! Duration 1 hr, 26 mins. (Posted 4/05/20).

Supta Padangustasana Series. A wonderful series to practice that is recommended for sciatica and lower back issues. This series lends itself to peaceful and prolonged concentration and inner quietness and provides refreshment to a tired body and mind. Duration 1 hr, 29 mins. (Posted 4/06/20).

Get Up! Stand Up! Don’t Give Up the Fight! Standing poses and inversions. Duration 1hr45mins. (Posted 4/14/20)

Let’s Twist Again.This is a very simple and short class and is wonderful for relieving back pain, improving digestion and promoting relaxation. Twists move us into the “back brain” as we must be conscious of moving with breath and restraining the forward movement of the mind. Duration 45mins. (Posted 4/19/20)

Bend and Stretch. A simple and fast-moving forward bending class.
Duration 1hr6mins. (Posted 5/7/20)

Relieving Sciatica and Back Pain. A simple 60 minute class (Posted 4/30/2022)

Disclaimer and Advice
Classes are free and donations are greatly appreciated :)