Online Yoga Classes

Welcome to our Online Classes! Here you can stream a yoga class designed for Iyengar Yoga Honolulu (IYH) students by Ray and Shelley. All others are welcome!
We will be adding videos on a regular basis, so keep checking this page for the latest offering. Over time we will develop a library of useful classes, as well as other interesting content, including a course on Yoga Philosophy.
The videos are available for download to your computer. This should help those of you whose internet connection is too slow for streaming. We ask you to please not upload our videos to other online services or social media.
Please leave us your comment. We welcome feedback, suggestions, and questions.
Hope you enjoy the classes!

As of 3/24/2020, all classes are now free to stream and download. It is our sincere wish that the classes may benefit you all and keep you balanced and healthy during these trying times.

If you can manage a donation it is greatly appreciated, but not expected. Donations will go to maintaining the website and expenses related to providing the videos. Yoga Center of Hawaii (DBA  Iyengar Yoga Honolulu) is a 401(c) non-profit organization and donations are tax-deductible. Please freely share the link to this page, but we ask that you do not upload our videos to other social media.

May all of us thrive and be happy.

Scroll down to see the list of classes. We hope to be adding a new class every few days.

Here is a list of the props that are useful for the practice of Iyengar yoga, with links to where you can buy them online.

Online Classes:
Meet Shelley and Ray: Duration 1:39 (posted 3/15/20)

Basic Immune Support Class. This is a basic class which requires only a yoga mat and blocks. Suitable for all students. Do not practice inverted poses during menstruation. Duration:40:13 (posted 3/15/20).

Intermediate Immune Support Class. A wonderful class to strengthen and support the immune system against disease. Regular practice keeps the nerves calm and the mind and body rejuvenated. Props needed are mat, chair, blocks, blankets, belt, bolster (blankets may be substituted for a bolster if you don’t have one).

Basic Neck and Shoulder Relief Class. Simple asanas which release tension in the neck and shoulders. Mind, breath, senses and body come together to create equipoise. Highly recommended. Duration 1 hour (Posted 3/21/20)

Prevent and Relieve Back Pain #1. The first class in a series. A simple and effective class for students of all levels. Do not do this class if menstruating; instead do the Intermediate Immune Support Class. Duration 1 hour, 2 min. (Posted 3/26/20)

NEW CLASS COMING SOON: “Balancing the Earth and Air Elements”

During this unprecedented worrisome time, we lose our grounding and our thoughts and emotions become very agitated. This class will restore our consciousness back into our body, especially in the legs, so that our earth and air elements are in equilibrium.

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