BKS Iyengar gives insight into the practice of backbends

INTERVIEW WITH B.K.S. IYENGAR ON BACKBENDS 12/5/91 Questions asked by Victor Oppenheimer and Patricia Walden
These questions were asked during the teachers’ backbend intensive Mr. Iyengar taught in November-December, 1991. This intensive was videotaped, and some of the questions refer to the videotapes. The interview was transcribed and edited by Francie Ricks.
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  1. Dear one, I am a Iyengar yoga student and Hatha yoga teacher and I would love to see the videos where Iyengar taught the backbends..would that be possible??, Thanks, Oihana Galor-Dualxx

  2. Menuhin gave him the break that transformed Iyengar from a comparatively obscure Indian yoga teacher into an international guru.

    • Ray says: - reply

      Yes, Guruji was very grateful to Mr Menuhin who remained his devoted student until his death. The famous performer credited Mr Iyengar as his “greatest violin teacher”.

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