First Things First: FOOD!

The landlord of our apartment has a cook whom we thought we’d try. We happily learned that she is a GOOD cook, so we’ve hired her to cook lunch for us Monday through Friday. Her name is Latika. Lunch consists of brown rice, a dal, some sort of vegetable, and chapattis. It is SO nice, after a 7 am class followed by a three-hour practice session, to come back to a home-cooked meal. We’re gratefully ravenous by then. Thank you, Latika!

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  1. Michael says: - reply

    That looks oishiiiiiii!

  2. Laurie says: - reply

    Brings back fond memories!! My mouth is watering…

  3. Patti says: - reply

    All looks onolicious! I would be there for the food and shopping more than the yoga!!! What is the brand of the hing? Can you take a picture of the bottle/package? Want to see if it is same as the kind I buy here.

  4. Name* says: - reply

    What kind of dal is it? Are chapatis always whole wheat?
    Gee, you’re treated like royalty to have a home-cooked meal waiting for your return!

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