Relief from Back Pain Class

This class is suitable for both beginning and experienced students. The primary focus is to provide relief from back pain due to injury, muscle spasm, or tightness.

Iyengar Yoga will teach you many effective ways to deal with this pain.
Taught by: Ray Madigan, RN. Ray has over 25 years of Nursing experience and is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Senior III level.

To attend, please arrive at least 15 minutes before the class starts to meet with Ray.
When: Every Saturday, 8-9 am. Starts May 25
Cost: $15/class
For more information: call Ray 386-9374 (after May 19) or email (at any time).



  1. Hi, Ray! I’m back for 2 months, doing Dennis’s class 2x/wk. I could use 1 on 1 for my back aches but will be leaving May 19. Do you have any time slots? I had heart surgery in Nov. and a stroke a month later. I’m ok and getting around but no stamina. Biggest problem is a really sore back by end of day. (Scoliosis doesn’t help). Great that you’re doing these new classes! Congrats. CandiceLusk

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