Sudden death of Geeta Iyengar

Our beloved Geetaji died Sunday morning in Pune. There will be a service at Iyengar Yoga Institute in Pune, and she will be cremated Sunday afternoon.
We are all saddened and shocked at this news as her death was sudden and unexpected. 
Press response in India
Please click here to read an interview with Geetaji in 2014


  1. Kris Yu says: - reply

    We also so saddened with the news this morning. May her soul in the peace. Hope she stops the transmigration, get fully liberated.

    • Ray says: - reply

      Dear Kris
      Yes, it’s a tremendous loss to all of us who loved her and have benefited so much from her tireless efforts to teach us all.
      It’s so sad, but I am sure she would tell us to keep practicing and work hard to achieve the state of Yoga.
      It’s at times like this that the impermanence of the material world are thrust into our awareness.
      Geetaji’s karma will doubtless have good results for the next incarnation.
      Still, I for one, will miss her so much ,

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