The Kids Class on Sundays

It was fun to watch the Kids class on Sunday. We were impressed with how many kids attend the one-hour class. Half of the students were sent upstairs to the second studio, so there were a lot more kids than these photos suggest!

The class is basically a fast, non-stop sequence of asana, all kinds of poses mixed in with each other. Very soon the yawns and bleary-eyedness disappeared. Ray and I wondered if we could’ve kept up! There were many students who knew the poses and jumped right into them on command, while newer ones followed. The little ones even attempted Sirsasana and Adho Mukha Vrkasana, with kindly help from the teaching assistants. Yoga Philosophy is taught from the get-go too. We could see why parents want to send their kids there: the kids burn off energy, they learn to concentrate, and they develop a firm foundation.

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