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Come and share in our passion for the practice and teaching of Iyengar Yoga. Our method of teaching is clear and precise, and our teachers are trained to the highest standards. Iyengar Yoga promotes physical health and mental poise, nurturing you through all phases of your life. With classes for children, adults and seniors, this is truly ”the practice of a lifetime.“
Shelley and Ray at 12th Anniversary Party

Ray and Shelley away…

See the calendar of cancellations, classes and substitute teachers

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Celebrate International Yoga Day on June 21st

United Nations International Yoga Day, Sunday, June 21, 2015
Summer Solstice

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See some photos from our 12th Anniversary Celebration

On Saturday, June 13 we celebrated our 12th anniversary and the return of our dear student Richard

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Gail Nakatoni

Triangle in the Desert

Gail sends us a photo of her in Utthita Trikonasana in the Sahara Desert.

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Chant to the Guru

“Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshvara, Guru Sakshat, Param Brahma, Tasmai Shri Guruvey Namaha” means “I bow down in reverence to all my teachers. The teacher that is this life I’ve been given. The teacher that is all hardship and difficulty on my path. And that teacher who is nearby and within.”

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Shelley sitting in the yoga center.

Shelley Passes!

Heartfelt congratulations

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