New Online Classes: Balancing the Earth and Air Elements

Yesterday we recorded a standing pose sequence titled “Balancing the Earth and Air Elements.” We’re offering two different-length classes. The first class is shorter (1 hr, 27 mins) and is suitable for all students. The second class is longer (1 hr, 47 mins) and includes one extra asana.

In the classes, pay particular attention to keep your engagement with the actions of the legs (the Earth element) and the breath (the Air element.) Keep the mind focused on the interplay between these two elements and watch the effect on the body, mind, senses, and emotions. We hope you feel grounded and energized after the practice.

Feel free to leave comments or ask questions in the comment section of this post or on the Online Class page.

Also, welcome to all of the viewers from around the world. We send you fond greetings and hope these classes are of benefit to you.

Love from Shelley and Ray

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