Basic Neck and Shoulder Relief Class Online Now

Shelley and I had a lot of fun today making this video for you. We love these asanas and hope you do as well!
Simple asanas which release tension in the neck and shoulders. Mind, breath, senses and body come together to create equipoise. Highly recommended. Duration 1 hour (posted 3/21/20).

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  1. Thank you so much for online classes!
    I can feel both of your loving care of all of us!!
    instead of purchasing not so good quality yoga supply, may I rent from our center? until we could resume classes there?
    I can pay equipment rent, please let me know.
    Boo Young Lee 738-7176

    • Ray says: - reply

      Dear Boo Young,
      Sorry, we are not renting equipment at this time and we are staying at home as much as possible.
      Here is link to a list of props that might help
      We are pleased you are benefiting from the online classes and encourage you to purchase props to help develop your practice.
      Love from Ray and Shelley

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