Online Classes Are Now Free


As of 3/25/2020 all classes are now free to stream and download. It is our sincere wish that the classes may benefit you all and keep you balanced and healthy during these trying times.
May all of us thrive. Be happy and well.

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  1. Joan White says: - reply

    What time and wha days are you offereing these classes?

    • Ray says: - reply

      Hi Joan,
      We decided not to do live online classes. Instead we opted for making videos and putting them on the site. Our thinking is that students can do them on their schedule if they are pre-recorded and available.
      The classes can be downloaded or streamed. We are hoping to have a new class on the site today.
      The classes are made with our students in mind, but hopefully, will be of benefit to all.Here is the link to the videos.

  2. Thank you so much for posting these online classes. They have been so helpful! Good health and many blessing to you both!

  3. We have been enjoying these online classes so much. Your generosity knows no bounds! Thank you for once again, sharing your time, talent, and training to our community. Namaste.

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